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Chez Stadium started as a performing trio; over time, the music has evolved into reclusive solo recording artist status, a place where I'm oddly more productive as a songwriter than when I was regularly playing out. Only recently did I actively take the leap into serious home recording, to better realize some of my backlog of material -- as demos, instrumentals, release-worthy songs or just sonic experiments -- at a writer's pace and without the pressure of intensive/expensive studio time. (No disrespect, some of my best friends are recording engineers!)

This subscription model is also an experiment. I've liked the idea since I signed on to Sam Phillips' Long Cut project (, a fascinating year-long multimedia project that supported the artist's process rather than a label's bottom line.

I invite you to join me in creating, shaping and recording new material. As a subscriber, there'll be subscription-only songs/sounds made available, free downloads of Freshman Slump and Further Ado, discounts on merchandise (huh?), news, videos, gig alerts, as well as exclusive, super-secret, insider's-only access to the evolving world of Chez Stadium. All for one affordable annual subscription fee of $20. (Yay, new strings!)

I'm diving into this without a clear road map, other than the songs I've written to date, so your suggestions, ideas and opinions are all part of the process. Deal?

Let's rock!
Randall Payton/Chez Stadium

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      First new track since Further Ado: Undisciplined. ... August 25, 2015
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      New tune soon... July 22, 2015
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      Welcome! Be sure to download your complimentary al... July 15, 2015
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Chez Stadium
Portland, Oregon
Randall Payton, as Chez Stadium, performs and records both solo and with an evolving roster of Portland musicians.

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